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Friends of Tomchei Temimim Kiryat Shmuel Israel

Tomchei Temimim students are the next generation of Shluchime of the Lubavitcher Rebbe M’H’M serving Am Israel throughout the Globe and preparing the world for revelation of Mashiach. 
Tomchei Temimim of Kiryat Shmuel is the Chabad Yeshiva for boys for ages 14 to 18. Here young students study the revealed and esoteric (Chassidut) dimensions of Torah and carry the message of the Geula Shlema to the entire surrounding area.  The Yeshiva is located just north of Haifa and it has a tremendous positive and critical impact on the spiritual atmosphere in the region. The boys prepare for a life of serving Am Israel and many from Kiryat Shmuel go on to be Shluchime at the many Chabad Houses around the world!
The Yeshiva was established 20 years ago by Rav Yigal Pizem Rosh Yeshiva and is staffed by dedicated and learned Chassidim and  Rabbanime of the the Lubavitcher Rebbe who are professional educators and important spiritual guides, personal examples and mentors  to the student and surround members of the community.
The Yeshiva relies on the support of friends and donors to maintain its activities and today it is in difficult financial situation.  Friends of the Yeshiva are raising funds to pay the Rabbis who have not been receiving full recently.  Also, the building is in need of important repairs and students from families without the means to pay full tuition who rely on the Yeshiva’s scholarships program need assistance.

We are reaching out to friends and new friends and asking them to join our circle of supporters and participate in the great merit of giving to this rare and precious Tzedaka.  Donations enable the giver to have numerous positive effects.  They support young students, also provide a livelihood to families in Israel, spread the wellsprings of the Torah of Chassidut and hasten the Guela.  Your donation also elevates thousands of others who these people inspire.   Supporting this worthy cause surely is certainly a great ‘zchut’ and a source of ‘yeshuote’ for those who can participate especially at this challenging time.

שתף לחברים